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Published on: 05.04.2021

There are more and more online casino games, and it is up to the players to choose from the various games on offer. There is something for everyone, and each with different options. The first two options that you will come across in an online casino, and face which you will have to make a choice, is whether or not to download the casino software. This has as many advantages and disadvantages as playing directly on the site from your browser. So the choice is yours.

How to Download Online Casinos Software?

It is advisable to be very careful when choosing to download an online casino, especially when you need to credit your own account. You have to make sure that they refer to an online payment service that exists, such as Paypal and secure.

It is also necessary to ensure that it is indeed a casino software, which does not originate from a site which will download an application which will only steal personal data, remember to scan it with your anti virus.

Among what can be reassuring on this point, there is the fact that it is first offered a demo account. This gives the opportunity to discover how the online casino software works, and whether you like it or not, whether you are comfortable with the ergonomics and the different graphics.

Indeed, everyone has their own tastes, and what may be suitable for oneself is not necessarily suitable for others. If the player considers himself satisfied, he will be invited to transform his demo account into a real account by making a deposit and having his identity checked.

The Steps to Download Free Casinos Software

Go to the site of the casino you have chosen and click on/tap the download button to start downloading the software.

  • Once downloaded to your computer, find the place where this file is stored, generally in the ‘Download’ file under Windows, it is a file ending with the extension .exe
  • Then click and scan the .exe file with your antivirus software for more security
  • Once the scan is complete, double click on it to start the installation
  • Answer the configuration question correctly
  • Once installed, open the software, create your account.

Well, that’s it!

Now you just have to choose the desired fun or real game mode, and you will be able to play all the casino games you want without having to log into the online casino through your browser.

From Software to an Online Casino

There are companies that are specialized in the design and manufacture of casino software, they are publishers. This software is then sold to online casinos, which use it for their own site and offer it to their players.

Thus, if two online casinos are provided by the same publisher, with regard to the casino software, there’s a good chance that the software they are downloading is the same, with some nuances specific to each one (design, number of games, etc.).

No Download Free Casinos vs. Downloadable Ones

Advantages of Online Casinos No Download Required

The online casinos no download no deposit bonus have a number of significant advantages.

  • They do not require you to download and then install on your hard drive the file that will allow the casino lobby to launch automatically once your computer is on
  • You have a way to conserve hard drive space and no longer be annoyed by pop-up icons
  • Not seeing the casino launch icon on your computer desktop keeps you from giving in to the temptation.

Remember that gambling involves risks such as isolation, debt and dependence.

Free Online Casinos No Download No Registration: How Do They Work?

To play at the online casino without having to download any software, you have no choice but to go to the website of an operator that allows its members to play in flash version.

By opening any browser like Google Chrome or Safari, you will have instant access to all of the casino games in question. Note that the no download Flash casinos have stopped offering the games.

No Download USA Casinos: The Same Quality

Even though the flash versions are less powerful than the full version of the software which can be obtained by download, they still offer a significant number of casino games.

Sometimes even this information is not true since many casinos now have greatly improved these HTML5 versions. Thanks to it, the user can have fun at any game whether it is slot machines, video poker, blackjack, roulette etc.

Again, it depends on which institution you are visiting as great improvements have been noted in recent years, due to an increasing number of HTML5 users. There are even sites that no longer offer software to download.